I’ve just noticed this is here, so I guess I’d better write something, to tell you what this blog is about, if it isn’t already obvious.

I live in Cornwall, for now, until I move to Kent. The reasons for this aren’t relevant, though they do mean that this is ultimately a necessity rather than a choice. I’ve moved, and been involved in this insane process enough times to know how horrific it can be. In fact it seems to get worse and worse for everyone, for a range of reasons which may or may not come up during the course of this blog.

When I moved here in 2010 I thought it might be my last move, but I was wrong. It seems worth sharing the process, in part to help me express my feelings about it as it goes along, but also to maybe help others who are in the midst of it, or thinking about being. It does vary a lot from place to place, but there are some common threads which make it risky, unpleasant, unpredictable, and for it to be possible to stumble or fall several times. Your life is in suspended animation, possibly for years, and you can’t make any decisions about your life until someone else decides they want to live where you have.

Many think that being in the fortunate position of owning a house means you should shut up and be grateful for what you have. I know that renting has a whole set of issues all it’s own. But the legal safeguards of house buying and selling are considerably less than that of buying a loaf of bread. It’s an absurd, archaic system, which seems almost set up to cause maximum hassle, the potential for disaster, and for various organisations to circle like vultures to make as much as they possibly can out of it.

I feel that sharing is a good way to begin to bring this to greater light, and perhaps to also provide support for others in similar positions. So please do feel free to comment and discuss.