The meaning of a rock

What do you do with a sparkly rock someone planted in your garden with the intention of having some sort of hold over you? On the one hand it’s just a rock. It can’t do or change anything in itself, though some would disagree. But what it means can change things, so how you handle that has meaning in itself.


I pondered at first if it had been put there when planting the bed, by the people who were here before me. But that would make it around 10 years it’s been there. It looked very fresh and uncaked. It had been put under a sage bush, which I’d recently cut back, or I wouldn’t have found it. She is a crystal ‘expert’. The gifts I was given had their importance described to me, and where I should place them in the house specifically explained.

I considered what it made me feel. Various things. Deceived. Attempts made to manipulate my life. Invaded. Part of me wanted to hurl it off into the distance angrily. But then I wondered what I wanted to express with it. What message I would choose to send out into the universe as a result.


I decided to take it to the Holy Well and leave it there. I wished no one any harm, I just wanted to be free and unimpeded by others desires and fantasies.


I washed it in the well water, then I took it into the chapel and left it amongst the trinkets, stone hearts and cobwebs that are like a little shrine. It seemed a kind place to put it. One where whatever intentions were placed in it would be unharmed, but redirected as a more open ended investment. It seemed to blend in with the scene remarkably well.

On leaving, just outside the door of the chapel, there was a feather. Here it is, on the bench. It was a nice symbol to receive.


I have no idea if these actions on my part did anything in the world at all, but I know they did something in mine, to me.


2 thoughts on “The meaning of a rock

  1. You did a wonderful thing! This is a peaceful and healing way of dealing with something that many would have handled with anger. My first thought was burying it in the ground somewhere with the intention to clear the attached energy. My second thought was sending it back to them with a short not to the effect of “You seem to have left this in my garden” but that would have not really dealt with the need for healing and god knows what they may have done with it then. You did the best possible thing with it! ❤

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