A strange kind of magic

There’s a possible frustration in people coming to view your house when they haven’t sold theirs, to the degree some, after becoming jaded with it, refuse to allow viewings from anyone who isn’t STC*. Then again there’s the manipulation of estate agents, who don’t want you getting too close to potential buyers, or doing anything which means they might not get their cut. There are a host of ways they do that, but I’m not going to go into that now. They like it tied up in a bow, which is ironic, considering the laws covering house buying and selling offer next to no protection for either buyer or seller. People can pull out of a sale until exchange of contract, so refusing offers from people who haven’t yet sold doesn’t even begin to address the real issues. Some people do, despite advice to the contrary, because it makes sense. Better to encourage real interest than to reject it out of hand because certain conditions aren’t yet met.

I have a couple who adore my house. They desperately want to live here, have been back twice now, and want to come a third time before they head back up country. It’s funny, you know when you sort of recognise someone when you don’t actually know them? I have that with her. They spent an hour and a half here the first time, and two and a half hours the second. I may need to make up a bed for them for the third visit! The more they’re here the more they feel at home, and the more everything feels perfect to them. I know that feeling. I had it when I came here too. The house seems to wrap it’s arms around you.

But they haven’t sold. In fact they’re not even on the market yet, and won’t be for about a month. Theoretically that doesn’t pose a problem. I don’t want to leave here until at least September. They live in an area where apparently houses sell fast (though there are never any guarantees), so it could work well.

There’s something really reassuring about their love of the place, in that if they feel that way, even if they can’t buy it, for whatever reason, someone else might well feel the same. I find myself wondering if they might be pushing their budget a bit far. They haven’t said as much, I may be putting 2 and 2 together and making 5. They have mentioned sometimes looking at places which are more expensive than they can afford, just in case they might take a cheeky offer. I know where they’re coming from. I do the same.

Whatever they end up being able to do, this kind of thing takes you forward in a positive and constructive way. When others come I can honestly say I have people who are seriously interested in buying, and that always tends to focus the mind of any potential buyer. And it’s been fun having them here as well. I like them, even if they can both talk for England. They even brought treats for the cats on their second visit.

So, the process continues, and all I can do it go with it willingly. There’s a kind of strange magic both they and I seem to sense, and respond to.

*Sold subject to contract



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