Beware Agent Smith Salesmen

I’m usually quite a canny person, not easily manipulated or fooled. But right now I feel a fool. Not because the person in question achieved their aim, but because I’ve spent weeks behaving like a puppet, feeling not only that I have to go with Henry, and won’t sell with the online agent (his express belief), but that I need to do everything he suggested, and then contact him. I’ve also been feeling ill, and while I put that down to various factors, oddly, I started to feel alright immediately upon realising this, and deciding I would do what I’d come up with in the first place, which was to give the online agent a good chance first, and then if that didn’t work out to go to a traditional one.

Aside from the fascinating revelation that the rest of me wanted to stop my so called intellect from playing into his hands, and causing me considerable suffering to prevent me from doing so, what was I thinking?

I know salesmen don’t care one iota about truth and reality, nor of whether there’s any real benefit to the people they’re selling to or for. I’m well aware self interest is their main aim, however friendly, appealing or helpful they might appear to be. The bottom line is they’re predators. I mean when you drive a shit coloured car and the estate agent who sold you your current house tells you it’s ‘champagne’ it’s pretty obvious. How did I fall for Henry’s machinations for so long?

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to answer that question. But I owe a debt of thanks to my poor body, who suffered for its art, and to the friend (you know who you are) who managed to point out to me what I was doing in such a way that I actually heard. For a fairly smart person I can sometimes be a complete idiot.

So, dear reader, I offer this entry, with the advice to proceed with caution, take the time to sift through the ‘information’ you’re given, and check whether someone’s attached strings to your brain.



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