But our chandelier won’t fit in here

No ones actually said that, but not far off. Inevitably when you look at houses you’re going to think about how your treasured bits and pieces are going to fit into it. I’ve done it myself. and come to the conclusion that while it would be nice to have things of sentimental value, I may have to make compromises on that. But it seems to me that quite a lot of people expect to be able to create exactly the same life and lifestyle as they currently have, even if they’re moving so they can change it. Moving seems to be an odd process, which demands a greater flexibility of thought than many seem to possess.

I’ve had a few enquiries about the location of the house, mainly asking if there’s a supermarket/doctors surgery/pub within walking distance. I’ve received complicated questions about this in my messages (usually marked ‘urgent’, as if they must know straight away or something dreadful will befall them), others have phoned the online agent who has then been obliged to phone me to ask the same questions, and then phone the client back with that information. All that, even though a cursory look at the map, or an even more cursory read of the description, would reveal the fact that it’s miles from any of them. I can understand why people might want those, even though most of us drive, but you wouldn’t move here if those were on your list of must haves. Perhaps they haven’t thought through coming here in any real way, like the idea of it, the fantasy of an idyllic life in the countryside, without ever contemplating the reality of it. Who can say? But it does seem rather silly. Though one of the joys of the online agent is that they don’t get strong armed to come and take a look anyway. They realise before it gets to that stage it wouldn’t be right for them. But I’m going to get some of that soon. More on that later.

The people who have come were lovely. Chatty, friendly, positive, enthusiastic. But it did seem essential that they could create exactly the same layout they currently have, and be able to fit in every last stick of furniture they possess in a configuration which mirrors their existing one. They spent quite a lot of time measuring spaces to see if their furniture would fit, and if they could carve up space with walls. Aside from the fact they haven’t sold theirs yet (another factor in the plethora already existing) I’ll be very surprised if they make an offer when they can. That’s ok. It’s a love match you’re looking for, and as with human relationships, it doesn’t seem to conform to reason.

I love my home. In many respects I’ll be very sad to have to leave it, and if I could pick it up and plonk it in Narnia I would. But that’s not possible. For me, for anyone. Maybe it’s part of the mental process of letting go, of realising change is afoot, and that means you have to change your expectations and wishes a bit in order to achieve that change. No doubt I’ll find out as this develops.

I do know that when you fall in love with a place practicality flies out of the window, and this is why estate agents tend to take people to places they wouldn’t choose for themselves. But there has to be a meeting place, where what you envisage, need and want, meets the reality and the emotional charge of your current home in relation to the emotional pull of the one you fall for.

I’m looking for someone who can’t resist this place, who sees it’s wondrousness, as I did. I nearly didn’t even see it, that only came about because one of the houses I was going to visit sold and I quickly rummaged for something to fill that space with, and this was it. There’s an unpredictable alchemy in it, and you have to roll with that.

Next week I’m going to take Henry on, so I need to prepare myself for a load of nonsense. But I do want to sell, and I know he’s competitive enough to want to work hard and beat the online agent. I’ve already had several phone calls from him struggling to understand why anyone might go with them, when he’s good (according to him, I have no evidence of this as yet). So wish me luck.

I’m up to date now, so this blog will evolve in real time from here on in…..


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