The foundations

I’m not going to tell you a great deal about me. It doesn’t matter who I am. I will tell you that’s not me in the photo, though I did take it (as I will have taken any photo I post here). But it would probably be useful to give a little background so you have some vague notion of how I got to where I am now, or at least, the background for the last move which brought me here.

I had a very difficult few years, which broke me physically and emotionally. One of those times when you’re way past what you can cope with but there’s simply no choice, so you keep going. But that time also brought me the opportunity to get myself a sanctuary for a while, a place of great peace and healing, in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere I could never have even conceived of being fortunate enough to live in for most of my life.

It has to be said I made some poor, or better stated, ill conceived choices during that time, understandably, and I don’t blame myself for it, but it has affected my position. Anyway, eventually I collapsed here, and spent a few years recovering quietly, breathing in the beauty, nature, just being. I’m so grateful for that time, to this place, and I’m glad I came. It hasn’t been an especially easy life, so in reality I was recovering from an adulthood, not just those few years.

But then it dawned upon me I was getting bored. Peace and tranquility is all well and good when that’s exactly what you need, but when you’re better and need stimulation you start to go quietly insane. When it’s not the sort of place you can create a decent income stream problems begin and potentially escalate.

So there’s the background. I’m moving about 300 miles away, again, but in a different direction from last time, and I’m downsizing. There’s something of the nomad in me, roots are things I plant where I am, then pull them up and plant them in the next place, for a time.

But it was with trepidation I made the decision to sell up and move, because I know what a nightmare it can be, though how it plays out is so unpredictable it can be anything from a passing breeze to a prolonged storm. The not knowing is the tough bit, yet I feel there’s much to be learned from this process, from any process which demands you learn to live in the midst of uncertainty.



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