Chronicling static motion

I never thought I’d do it again. Enough’s enough and all that. The vagaries of selling and buying a home are about as ridiculous as you can get, and you’d have to be insane to do it on a whim. For the biggest purchase you will ever make it’s run through with idiocy. Sharks of various kinds circling trying to get their pound of flesh, offering to serve you in one way or another, but in reality only serving themselves. The law offers little to no protection or security, and your life goes into a kind of suspended animation freefall. You have no clue how long it will take, whether you’ll get anywhere near what it’s valued at.  If someone wants to buy it you don’t know if they’ll pull out at the last minute and you’ll find yourself back where you started. Will you find somewhere you can afford and like to replace it with? What sort of problems might await you there? After all, you may have to choose in a panic when someone finally decides they want your house and demands you move fast.

There are quite a few blogs created by people who seek to teach you how to do it (many of them though, appear to be attached to estate agency businesses, which means they totally lack impartiality and quite possibly insight), who make it sound simple, smugly proclaiming how it should be done. I want this to offer something more real, experiential, honest. I know these days there are a lot of people who find themselves in a position that will mean it’s never possible to go through this costly process, and I appreciate they may find this blog objectionable.

But all that said, I thought it might be useful, for me if not others, to chronicle the process, what it feels like, the sort of issues I encounter, how I negotiate it, my feelings about it, so that more realistic and experiential info is out there. It won’t be objective, it hopefully won’t be smug and prescriptive. But it will offer my journey through this. Of course no two journeys through this minefield are the same, so you may not find it useful. But you might, and it might help me to stay vaguely sane.

I’ve already begun the process, so there are going to be a few blog posts in relatively quick succession to get up to date. I welcome thoughts and input, and will try to address any questions if they’re raised, though I’m not doing it specifically to attract people, but it’s always good to share.


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